About Us

Luminous Yoga Studio

Our goal is to help people feel good in their bodies and to encourage them to discover their own true power.  Yoga is for every body type, gender, age, and ability.  All classes are respectful and accepting regarding health, lifestyle and spirituality. Simply show up as you are and bring an open mind.

Our Mission

Luminous Yoga Studio's mission is to provide a safe, intimate, and nurturing environment for people of all ages and limitations to explore, grow, and flourish in their physical and spiritual practice. We are committed to bringing increased health, happiness and harmony to those in our community. 

"May the World be Illumined by the Light of Your Soul"


We work in conjunction with several international resort destination as well as with other yoga studios in our area.

* Ask us about our joint membership with Heart & Soul Yoga in Marble Falls.




Laura's Yoga Philosophy

At her core, she is an ambassador of love and light and is passionate about awakening people to the infinite possibility that already resides within them while motivating them to dispose of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve them. In her teaching and presence, it is her sincere intention to be a clear, open channel of love, energy, and opportunity.



Why Laura Teaches yoga


Laura was introduced to yoga in 2001 after her mother passed away from breast cancer. She found solace in the practice and a way to stay grounded both physically and emotionally. But it wasn’t until Laura moved to Marble Falls, Texas in 2014 that she truly deepened her practice. Amongst a community of yogi warriors, she learned how to exist in the present moment, fully experiencing the connection that happens between mind, body and soul while on the mat. She became a passionate advocate for the practice, encouraging everyone she knew to come and experience the place where everything from the past and future quiets and a person is able to exist in the NOW.



Credentials & Teaching Style

 500 HR RYT Laura earned her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification in 2018 training under Brad Offutt, a well-practiced and respected Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga© instructor and completed her 300-hour certification in Tantric Hatha Yoga in Bali through Zuna Yoga.   She is a well-seasoned leader, emboldening others to discover their own true potential through the practice of asana, self-inquiry, and meditation. Her vinyasa classes are not only challenging and invigorating, but will nourish your soul. She believes and honors the mindset that yoga is for EVERY Body and will lead you in a class offering magical, feel-good assists  to help you discover unrealized strengths. Her focus is not the attainment of a perfect physical pose, but rather the practice of opening ones heart to the beauty of the journey, a practice that can be found in each day both on and off the mat.  

Yoga Instructors

Laura Gisi


Sharon Barclay


Avery Jones


Shelby Otte


Substitute Instructors

Shanna DeVault


Shawnda White


Trenton DeSpain