Bali, Indonesia

Reclaim Your Authentic Self


Stepping out of the familiar, the mundane, away from the routine tasks of everyday life allows you to view yourself from a different perspective. It allows you to enter the realm of mindfulness, where you can’t help but rediscover who you truly are: the way you react, the way you feel, the way your curious mind ponders at the unknown, the magical, the awe inspiring. Entering the unfamiliar forces you to be fully present, observing, investigating, sensing. The incredible island of Bali brings this out in a way that no other place on Earth can. Welcome to a world where gratitude is the overwhelming attitude, and people are as much a part of the ecosystem as the stunning scenery that surrounds them. A greeting, a smile, a gesture. You will instantly know that each is performed with the most genuine affection in a manner that is contagious. The sense of calming peace and complete unity that abounds is like none you have ever experienced.

This magical yoga retreat combines cultural immersion, unbelievable scenery, exploration, play time, soul satiating relaxation, self-inquiry, meditation, and a yoga practice that is for EVERYbody. The yoga focus is not the attainment of a perfect physical pose, but rather the practice of opening ones heart to the beauty of the journey, a practice that can be found in each day both on and off the mat. All of these things work seamlessly together to help bring your authentic self to awareness. Like the peeling back of layers of an onion to reach its core, self-discovery starts by removing one layer at a time with unmatched determination to unveil what’s underneath.  Making a decision to unwrap your authentic self is the single best gift you will ever give yourself, and what better place to watch your layers dissolve than the Island of the Gods?!


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Bali, Indonesia - Yoga Retreat