Shawnda White

200 hour RYT From Austin Texas

It wasn’t love at first sight. I remember thinking, “what an odd way to exercise.” It was a love I had to experience internally, which wouldn’t happen until several years after my first yoga experience. Yoga found me during a dark period in my life, one I am now eternally grateful for. I realized yoga was more expansive than I ever assumed to give it credit. The ultimate healer in a world full of chaos. As a dreamer, I developed a talent for creating my own turmoil. I’ve suffered from anxiety and self hate which led to being a victim, and ultimately resulted in an eating disorder. These are all things I still currently struggle with but have since gained techniques through my practice in dealing with them in a healthy non-judgmental way. This journey has truly awakened me into a life of love, grace, and freedom. They were things I felt I extended to others with ease but never to myself. It’s through my yoga practice that I truly learned self-love. I now understand more than ever, I am not alone in my suffering, and that is why 6 months into my journey I decided to become a yoga teacher. I want to share these healing techniques with as many humans curious enough to wonder. Because that is what we all are, humans, and I believe it is time we treated ourselves as such. We all deserve love, grace, happiness, and freedom. We just have to understand everything we need is already within us. I know I will never stop learning and growing in this ancient healing way of life and now as a teacher, my devotion is to never stop sharing it.